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The PreRogueative.

The PreRogueative.

12 hours. 24 April 2021. A non-organised competitive training activity in the lead-up to Rogue Raid 2021.

What is it?

It’s a competitive training activity. Kayak, hike and bike navigating using a map and compass. The original course involved visiting as many checkpoints as you could in 12 hours. The results from that activity are here.
It has now been set up as a permanent course with an 18 hour time limit.

It’s not an event.
There’s no entry fee. You are responsible for ensuring you don’t trespass on private property and that you observe all relevant access restrictions on public land. Please do it as a team for safety’s sake. Carry a PLB.
You are responsible for your own safety. The course takes in some wild country.

You score points in the MapRun app.
Install the MapRun6 app on your phone.
Or the MapRunG app on your Garmin watch.
There are no flags at checkpoints, you’ll get a beep on your phone once you’re in the right spot!

What do I need?
Mostly the same stuff that you’ll need at the Rogue Raid.
Plus BYO kayak. Or ask the guys at Navis Outdoors if you can hire one.
You will need a way to keep your phone protected, unless you’re using a Garmin watch for scoring.

How do I try out the course?
In the MapRun app, choose Select Event and go to Queensland > Adventure Racing > PreRogueative (choose the one with PXAS ScoreQ1080 in the name).

What about maps and course notes?
You will want to print out a set of colour A3 maps, so that you don’t have to use the map in the phone app for navigation.
Additional information is here.
The course notes are here.
The three A3 map files are here.

How do the logistics work?
Both stages are optional, and all checkpoints are optional. Like the Rogue Raid, there are specific CPs for each stage.
Both stages start and finish at the same place (no gear drops).
Stage 1: Kayak / Trek (use Map 1)
Stage 2: Bike / Trek (use Map 2)

Where is it?

Start/Finish Location
Northern NSW – Tweed Coast

24 April 2021
Start: 8am Finish: 8pm